Summer weather usually means an increase in travel, whether you’re going to the park, grocery shopping or vacationing with the family. There is something about warm weather that also makes you want to clean your car. Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. Come to Alderson Cadillac to get some tips on how you can clean your car quickly and easily.

You don’t need a professional to have a great looking car. The first step is removing all loose items from the inside of the vehicle. Shake out the floor mats. Wipe off the dash. Spray some windshield washer fluid on the windows and wipe dry. If the vehicle isn’t too dirty, spray wash it with a garden hose and wipe off excess dirt with a microfiber rag.

Whether you’re in need of automotive supplies, cleaning supplies or just want to check out cars, our dealership in Lubbock, TX has almost everything you need. Stop and test-drive a vehicle while you’re there.

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