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Finding the right place for your Cadillac car service can be difficult. Here at Alderson Cadillac, our technicians understand how to best care for your luxury and high-powered Cadillac car or SUV and will expertly repair and maintain your vehicle in no time. Whether your Cadillac XT5 needs an oil change or your Cadillac Escalade requires a more extensive repair, we suggest scheduling an appointment with our Alderson Cadillac service center today!


Welcome to our Cadillac service center. At Alderson Cadillac, we pride ourselves on helping drivers in Lubbock, Amarillo, and Midland, TX, take care of their cars. From keeping everything in good condition to getting your luxury car back on the road and looking good as new, we'll be there for every step of the way.

Highly Trained Cadillac Technicians

Whether you need a simple part replaced, an oil change, or you've been in a fender bender, your Cadillac will be in good hands. Our service center features a team of experienced technicians. They're all highly trained, so you can be confident that your vehicle will be back on the road soon, good as new, and keep driving for a long time.

Top Quality Parts & Accessories

One of the ways our technicians make sure you get the best performance from your luxury car is by using the best parts. We carry OEM parts and accessories. These were designed for your make and model, so they'll be the perfect fit. Not only will they help everything run smoothly and look great, but they'll help you stay on your recommended maintenance schedule.

We make it easy to find the right parts for your sedan or SUV, plus you can order from our parts center online. Once you place an order, one of our technicians will contact you. They can set up an appointment to install it for you, or if you like getting your hands dirty at home, you can pick them up and install them in the comfort of your own garage.

User-Friendly Tire Center

Along the same lines, we know how important it is to hit the road on the right set of wheels. That's why we also have our own tire center. We carry top brands, so you can enjoy sharp handling and stop on a dime. If you're not sure which tires are right for your Cadillac, check out our helpful tire finder tool.

Service Information

Getting routine maintenance and repairs is the key to getting long-lasting performance from your car. When are you supposed to schedule an appointment, though? Our service center can answer that for you.

To help you learn more about the parts and services that are essential to your luxury car, we offer information on key parts of your maintenance schedule, including oil changes, brake service, battery service, and A/C repair. Check them to learn what to look for and when to head to our service center.

Parts & Service Specials

We believe that service shouldn't break the bank. Our philosophy is that every driver deserves a stylish, reliable car. That's why we offer a rotating lineup of parts and service specials. They're an easy way to save on simple service, maintenance, parts, and accessories. Make sure you check them out before you schedule your next appointment.

Schedule Service Online

If you're due for maintenance, experience any issues with your vehicle, or you've been in an accident, schedule service with us at Alderson Cadillac. Our service center is here for drivers in Lubbock, Amarillo, and Midland, TX. Contact us to learn more or schedule your next appointment.